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Indian River Rumble

[indianriver] Hangin’ out with the Gasket Goons and the Derelicts Car Club at the Indian River Rumble and Pinup Contest was a fantastic finish to the events we are featuring in the September issue at Pinuppeekaboo.com. The location was picturesque. High up on the dunes overlooking the Indian River, nestled in the palms with the NASA Vertical Assembly Building in the background. This scene was only intensified looking over the roofs and tail fins of these beautifully restored and meticulously kept automobiles and trucks of the Gasket Goons and Derelicts Car Club. The Indian River Rumble had a few Hot Rods and Slammed Sleds, for the most part though, the turnout were great examples of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s era automobiles. All of these vehicles were extremely well cared for, clouds reflecting in their paint and chrome gleaming in the Florida sun. Fawn Ella made mention that it was reminiscent of days of old, long before the Shuttle program, back to the time of the Gemini and......
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Rumblers Car Club

[carclub] Summer was long, hot and wet here in Daytona Beach and we are sure glad it is over. The plan was to feature some great local events, however most of these fell victim to the wrath of mother nature. We are moving into a drier season though, which should make for some great days riding and allow for many of the upcoming events to go on as planned. There aren’t many trailer queens in this neck of the woods, so getting rat rods and custom choppers to come out and play has been difficult, to say the least. If Labor Day weekend could be used as a barometer around here it’s going to be a great fall season. Saturday the 1st. was upon us and the weather was fantastic. We made plans to head north. The 13th Annual Rumblers Car Club Show and Pinup Contest was on the agenda for the day. Fawn Ella suggested we take the scenic route, riding up the coast on A1A. This ride is just breathtaking on a breezy sunny day. The ocean was a beautiful greenish blue with big waves crashing on......
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Vintage Drags

[cochisechops] After weeks of anticipation, The Vintage Drag Races were finally upon us. Our day started under the ancient oaks of Evil Twin Motorcycles in New Smyrna Beach. The owner, Thin Man has put his heart and soul into the custom motorcycle and repair business that he has operated in town since ’03. Thin has created some wild rides and put some cool iron on our roadways over the years and has a roomful of trophies from his contemporaries to prove it. Earlier in the week, Thin invited Fawn and I to join him and his band of ‘Mitchfits’ on the ride out to the drags. Yeah, I said, ‘Mitchfits’, I don’t know what the deal is. It seemed they were all named ‘Mitch’. It was a long ride to the drags that morning. One of the youngsters we were with ran his BSA out of gas just after passing a filling station. Everyone in the group starting referring to him as ‘Mitch’. I do believe this is a nickname easily earned and a bitch to ditch. It all worked out well though, and......

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